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From Rahu Kalam's wikipedia Entry:

Rahukaalam or the period of Rahu is a certain amount of time every day that is considered inauspicious for any new venture according to Indian astrology (Vedic).
To calculate Rahukaalam, the time between the sunrise and sunset is divided into 8 units or time-groups, which time-group will have the Rahukaalam depends on the weekday.
For each weekday, Rahukaalam falls as under:
Sunday 8th Muhurtha (Unit)
Monday 2nd Muhurtha
Tuesday 7th Muhurtha
Wednesday 5th Muhurtha
Thursday 6th Muhurtha
Friday 4th Muhurtha
Saturday 3rd Muhurtha

Since the above calculation depends on Sunrise and Sunset times and since that changes on a daily basis and from one location to another, it becomes very tough to compute the same. Since it is generally advised that no important work (interviews, purchases etc) should be done in this time, it is important to know this. This tool automates everything so that it is easy for you to know when is Rahu Kalam.


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